Living in Prague

On a recent business trip, I was asked several times: ‘how did a Portuguese guy end up in Czech Republic?‘ Thru out my travels, in the last years, I came to realise that Czech Republic, and mainly Prague, is still an unknown destination for emigration. Sure, Czech (or Czechia as they want to be marketed these days) does not offer the monetary conditions of some other European countries like Germany, Switzerland or the UK but, as far as I am concerned, I am very happy with my life in Prague.

First things first, even thou I like this country very much, only Prague offers such a high life standard: lively cultural and social life, dynamic job market and competitive salary. And, additionally, it is an amazingly beautiful city to live! All in all, life in Prague is very easy!

Really, this city is much more than its famed cheap beer (I seldomly indulge myself in such drinking activities), it is also about safe working enviroment with rather good benefits (with a lot of jobs by international companies that have office here), amazing public transportation network (that makes every corner of this country and many European cities easily accessible) and very good health services (also in English!). At the same time, Prague is quite small when compared to other European capitals, making it easy to get to this nice new restaurant or this hipster bar or to the vernissage of this new exhibition. Funnily enough, I have very few interactions with the hordes of tourists that are around town every single day: I usually just bypass the old town, mainly because it is locally famous for its tourists traps; most of the nice events and places (restaurants, bars or whatnot) are outside Prague 1 anyway!

Also, because the number of expats here is on the rise (expat is a new fancy word for immigrant) it was never a problem for me to do what I wanted and enjoy my team here just with English (specially when I compare to my own experience in Magdeburg – Germany). However, speaking Czech just makes everything even easier (I am now working on improving it myslef).

Of course, not everything is perfect: the quality of services are not as high on countries more to the west. For instance, the food and choices in the shops or supermarket are rather poor and more expensive than it is in Germany (or in Poland). Another thing, even thou it is such a turistic city there are quite limited low-cost flight options, making it some times worth it to go to some other country or airport to catch a flight. Anyway, this is all for now. I am sure we will get back to these topics in the near future!



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