For about two years now, I have been using my father’s old Zenith camera ( without lamp and with broken light meter) which is still making very nice photos that I am going to show in next post. However, this post will be about a younger analogue friend of Zenith called Olympus Mju ii that I decided to buy as a lighter replacement for analogue camera.

Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the camera and it is not repairable. Still the photos look quite nice and I recommend to try it if you happen to have it somewhere in your family house:)  There was a time that it was a popular First Communion gift in certain countries;)
If you have it but don’t bother using it, don’t throw it away! You can easily sell it on Ebay for pretty good money.

If you are interested in buying, check Czech website:, I usually find there what I need for good price:) I bought another camera for my brother and it is working fine. It’s just a matter of luck but considering the low price, I think it is worth risking:)


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