Sunday bike trip – To hrad Okoř and back

On Sunday, as a part of research for my second post about organizing bike trip where I will be writing about public transport and bike ( yet to come!),  I decided to try the service that DPP provides for bikers which is carrying bikes on buses – actually on one bus 147 from Dejvicka to Suchdol. There were chances of rain and storm but I wanted to go anyway. Well, the rain got me somewhere on the road but it was nice and warm so I didn’t mind being wet. I am true determined biker who is not afraid of rain!( nor hail).

My rout in the link below- I decided to bike to hrad Okoř castle and come back to Prague,nice 60km trip with only few hills to climb. I definitely recommend hrad Okoř as a destination for a nice walk – red tourist path from Kralupy nad Vltavou which is only 30 minutes by train from Prague city center. It’s perfect for a nice day outside the city.

I always want to make myself selfie like women from #womenonbikes but I always look so bad..they must be fake! This is not like a real woman biker looks like! Especially not after rainstorm! Anyway I decided that my bike looks much better so he will pose instead of me. And yes, my bike is a “he” even tough its official name is Twister Lady;)


My route


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