Weekend trip to Krkonoše

Weekend trip to Krkonoše

As promised, here is a short report from our weekend hike to Krkonoše. I must say, I am very proud with our performance! We simply rock! We walked more than 20km every day on a quite demanding path. All this for a beer! But an excellent one!
Starting from the beginning: we took a morning bus from Černý Most to Janské Lázně ( forget about Student Agency experience, it’s more like back to the 90s trip). Lovely 3 hours later we started our hike with taking a wrong rout but, fortunately, we realized that soon enough. After a demanding first few kilometers, we stopped to have the most famous dish of Krkonoše- boruvkove knedliky!
After several more climbs and 20km more, passing by lovely villages by the lake Upa, we reached our destination on 1045 m.n.m. – Horni Mala Upa. It was quite a steep climb with short intervals of high ascends. The views were spectacular thanks to blue sky and nature blooming from every corner. We were very lucky with the weather on both days of our hike.

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Walking around Prague: who the hell opens a mexican restaurant in Zbraslav?

Walking around Prague: who the hell opens a mexican restaurant in Zbraslav?

(In the beggining of Arpil), the day after Ola opened her biking season (and I started my discogolf career), we were curious to try this new mexican restaurant in Zbraslav we had heard about. But, because the weather was so nice, we decided to walk to Zbraslav all the way by the Vltava. Luckily we would not need a map, we just would have to walk to the very last bridge in Prague (quick question: do you know how many bridges cross the Vltava in Prague?)

Actually, the goal was not just the food but the walk per-se. It was to be thirteen flat kilometers, crossing several different parts of Prague: starting in Palackeho Namesti, passing under Vysehrad, walking close to the street in Podoli until Dvorce and then Braník and Modřany that you can forget you still are in a city. For instance, in Braník (more precisely in Hodkovičky) there’s a nine-hole golf course and a little bit further down there’s something like a football golf course (something to try in the future!) – and all of this can still be accessed by tram (or by foot!).

There were so many other interesting things and places on the way that the best you can do is to do this route by yourself! It took us, walking on a very relaxed pace and stopping for a drink in the meantime, three hours and a half. Prague has so many different places to discover that you can always find something nice to do (especially if the weather is nice!).

Last thing, what about the food? Personally, I was unlucky with my choice but everybody else was satisfied with the food. Moreover, the place is very nice and the service was good. I will happily give it another try; I just have to find some other route that takes me to Zbraslav! =)

P.S.: If you’re interested, the restaurant name’s: Barabizna. You can find more infos in their webpage;

P.P.S.: Answer to the question: Prague has eighteen bridges over the Vltava (and one Tunnel – included in the Blanka complex): one is pedonal, four are for trains and thirteen for cars (out of these, eight also have tram lines!);

P.P.P.S.: Excuse us for the quality (these were taken with Ola’s phone). We are still learning of this of being bloggers. We will improve as long as we do more walks!