Sunday bike trip – To hrad Okoř and back

On Sunday, as a part of research for my second post about organizing bike trip where I will be writing about public transport and bike ( yet to come!),  I decided to try the service that DPP provides for bikers which is carrying bikes on buses – actually on one bus 147 from Dejvicka to Suchdol. There were chances of rain and storm but I wanted to go anyway. Well, the rain got me somewhere on the road but it was nice and warm so I didn’t mind being wet. I am true determined biker who is not afraid of rain!( nor hail).

My rout in the link below- I decided to bike to hrad Okoř castle and come back to Prague,nice 60km trip with only few hills to climb. I definitely recommend hrad Okoř as a destination for a nice walk – red tourist path from Kralupy nad Vltavou which is only 30 minutes by train from Prague city center. It’s perfect for a nice day outside the city.

I always want to make myself selfie like women from #womenonbikes but I always look so bad..they must be fake! This is not like a real woman biker looks like! Especially not after rainstorm! Anyway I decided that my bike looks much better so he will pose instead of me. And yes, my bike is a “he” even tough its official name is Twister Lady;)


My route


This is Mr. Šašek

This is Mr. Šašek


One lovely evening we went for vernisage to a very nice venue next to our current flat called Villa Pellé ( The building itself is definitely worth taking a look, it is a renovated villa which holds concerts, exhibitions and other art-related events


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Living in Prague

On a recent business trip, I was asked several times: ‘how did a Portuguese guy end up in Czech Republic?‘ Thru out my travels, in the last years, I came to realise that Czech Republic, and mainly Prague, is still an unknown destination for emigration. Sure, Czech (or Czechia as they want to be marketed these days) does not offer the monetary conditions of some other European countries like Germany, Switzerland or the UK but, as far as I am concerned, I am very happy with my life in Prague.

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The New Yorker

newyorker1Some time ago, I came across information regarding New Yorker international subscription. I found that we can have a decent reading about politics, culture and many more, straight from New York for only 18 USD for 3 months! Including the delivery to Czech Republic.

Two post-election issues

The magazine itself is published weekly and usually covers the recent political events, cultural ( both in New York and international), but also religion, geography and whatever else might be interesting. Every issue has reviews of films, music books and theatre plays as well as many pages long articles and reportages. It is a challenging pleasure to read those – usually reading the magazine from back to back takes me a week!